Macon County residents can now apply for winter heating assistance

Macon County residents can now apply for the Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program this winter.

The Macon County North East Community Action Corporation (NECAC) is now taking applications to help those stay warm this upcoming winter season.

The Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program is a one-time-a-year program that makes a payment to utility companies on behalf of the participant to help offset the cost of high winter bills.

The program opened on October 1 for the elderly and disabled and then opened to everyone on November 1.

The agency is asking Macon County residents to submit their applications the sooner the better to start getting help now.

"Once they send in that application and utility bill, the utility company gets a pledge from NECAC in Bowling Green, Missouri saying how much they will pledge for each family that has applied. That's based on family size, income and other criteria they have to meet and pledge the amount to the utility company," said Macon County NECAC Coordinator Terri Laughlin.

To apply, you must give your social security number and recent utility bill. You must also show proof of your recent income and if you are on food stamps.

The program runs until March 31.

To apply for heating assistance this winter call the Macon County NECAC at 660-385-4616, or visit their office in Macon on 907 State Highway PP, or click here.