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      Macon County residents say yes to Macon County Park beautification

      The capital improvement sales tax in Macon County was approved with Tuesday's elections. The approval of the capital improvement sales tax means there will be a three-year increase of the sales tax by a quarter of one percent. It will take about four months for the sales tax money to be available for the Macon County Park Board of Directors to use.

      â??We were very thankful it ended up the way it did. Gratifying, I speak for the entire park board. Gratifying when you take something to the public like that with the request and you find out how many citizens are watching, paying attention, and approve of what's going on at the park. Oh I think the main priority is going to be the 4h FFA kids and the area of the park where the county fair is held,â?? said Jim Petre President of Macon County Park Board of Directors.

      The Macon County Park Board of Directors vows to continue the same service they have provided for the past 12 years.