Macon HS Drunk Driving Docu-Drama

Project Prom Docu-Drama

Macon, MO. - These students got far more than a lecture on the dangers of drinking and driving, they got a sobering, and realistic, demonstration of the consequences of drunk driving.

Macon and Bevier high schools took part in a Project Prom Docu-Drama on school grounds.

The set-up scene involved a two vehicle crash caused by a drunk driver. Rescue and ambulance crews arrived and pronounced one fatality along with 3 injuries.

"We saw helicopters land to take care of the injury accident and then the coroner came and took the body," said Modeste Ewingâ??Macon Police Dept.

The drama caused a variety of student reactions.

"We had one student that became distraught and ran out into the area and she had to be pulled back into the crowd it just kind of shows that they're really close to each other and even though they knew that we're just pretending that it really does have an effect," Ewing added.

After witnessing the crash scene, students filled the gym and watched a video by the Missouri State Highway Patrol and attended a funeral for the girl with her immediate family.

Just last year, authorities say people were injured in a drunk driving crash involving a Macon student.

Macon encourages students to go to their after prom event.