Macon makes improvement to busy street

The city of Macon and MoDOT held a groundbreaking ceremony Thursday.

The City of Macon and the Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) held a groundbreaking ceremony Thursday for improvements to Maffrey Street. Dozens came out and stood in the sprinkling rain for the ceremony. The city and MoDOT are working together to improve Maffrey Street. Funds from the city and the Federal Highway Administration administered by MoDOT went toward this project.

Brian Haeffner, MoDOT Area Engineer, said this has been a long road. â??The city has been working on this project for a long time,â?? Haeffner said. â??They had to have some additional funds to match the federal funds and they had to wait until they had enough money to be able to do the project.â??

Macon Mayor Dale Bagley said the project is going to cost more than $400,000 and he thinks citizens of Macon will be happyâ?¦when it is over. â??Let me point out nobody's going to be happy while they're building on it,â?? Bagley said. â??As you know when you do construction you've got lots of issues that come up. This is the only road that some of these folks can use, so we're going to have to leave part of it open all of the time. Itâ??s going to be a challenge, but I think all of the people who live along the road will be very happy that it's done.â??

MoDOT said the project will be complete this summer.