Macon police make arrests in copper caper

The continuing investigation into thefts from a city utility has resulted in additional arrests.

The Macon Police Department has been conducting an investigation of several burglaries and thefts from a municipal utilities owned storage shed on Malone Street in Macon.

Last month alone, three people were arrested for trying to break into the shed.

Now, police have more information and evidence after an investigation of copper thefts from Macon Municipal Utilities. During the continued investigation, Macon police have conducted surveillance of the area and interviewed several potential suspects.

Police have now arrested Joshua W. Batson, 27, of Keytesville for burglary, stealing and property damage. Police say Batson was arrested last week in an unrelated burglary. Bond for Batson was set at $25,000 cash-only.

Also arrested was Maggie Nelson, 29, of Macon. She faces a charge of receiving stolen property and her bond was set at $9,000 cash-only.