Macon remembers 9/11 victims

Tuesday flags were flown at half staff to honor those who died 11 years ago.

Several local fire departments, police departments and members of the public came together at the Macon County Courthouse to have a moment of silence and remember those who ran toward the danger as people ran away.

â??God bless the firefighters and the police officers who lost their lives on that day as each of us will remember them,â?? Sgt. Brent Bernhardt said. â??Let us also never forget the families of all those that loss their lives.â??

Callao Fire Department Chief Tyler Hall said not only did the service men and women go above and beyond; American citizens came together as well.

â??On September 11, 2001, we saw ordinary people choose self sacrifice for the good of strangers.â??

Hall said he remembers it all to well.

I was in class at school it was a very heart throbbing experience,â?? Hall said. â??(I just felt) sorrowâ?¦ the thought of what was going there the lives that were lost.â??