Magruder retires from second stint as college president

The man credited with leaving A.T. Still University in much better shape than he found it was honored Friday with a retirement reception.

It was Dr. Jack Magruder's last day on the job as ATSU president.

The university hosted a retirement event Friday afternoon with the theme, "Celebrating an epic career in higher education."

An estimated 700 people came out to wish Magruder and his wife, Sue, a happy, well-deserved retirement.

More than four years ago, Magruder came out of retirement as president of Truman State University to serve as ATSU president.

The crowd got a chance to hear from the woman who's helped make Dr. Magruder the man he is today.

"We have had a wonderful career in Kirksville at Truman, at ATSU, and there have been so many good times, so many good things to do and so many good people," said Sue Magruder.

KTVO had a chance to learn about the Magrudersâ?? plans for their retirement.

Dr. Magruder says he and his wife will be spending 11 days at the Missouri State Fair in August as part of his duties as chairman of the Missouri State Fair Commission.

A little later in the year, they have plans to vacation in New England.

"We have campground reservations for the middle two weeks of October in Vermont, and we're going to do that,â?? said Magruder, â??Other than that, I'm going to start reading some things I don't HAVE to read."

At Friday's retirement event, the ATSU Board appointed Magruder president emeritus of the university.

The board named Sue Magruder first lady emerita of ATSU.