Maintain your furnace for winter

Justin Wheeler doing a furnace inspection.

Keeping your homeâ??s furnace serviced regularly is important for extending its life.

Justin Wheeler, a service technician with T-2 Heating and Air Conditioning in Kirksville, recommends getting your furnace tuned up often.

He said it is a proactive way to make sure your equipment is ready for winter. Plus, it is a good way to catch problems before they arise.

During the tune-ups, Wheeler said he checks to see if there are any obvious electrical problems and makes sure there is no dirt built up on the blower.

â??Your best preventive against dirt is going to be your filter,â?? Wheeler said. â??If you have a standard filter, and not an electric air cleaning filter, then you change it every two to three months. It also depends on the season and conditions outside. It's always good to check it monthly.â??

Wheeler said the air filter is your first line of defense to protect your health and your equipment.

With the filters in electrical heat pumps, the technicians blow it out with nitrogen if it's dirty. If it is a filter in a gas heater, you would just replace the filter.

They also check the duct work to make sure everything is working like it should be, so that youâ??re not wasting the hot air youâ??re receiving.

Wheeler said when they come out and they check to make sure your furnaceâ??s drain is working properly. If not, the water can cause problems by sitting on your coil and possibly causing it to rust.

Wheeler said if you don't have water in your trap and just air, it will pull sewer gas up and it won't let the water drain. They also check the temperature of the air coming from and going into the furnace.

â??This is the air that has been heated or cooled depending on the season,â?? Wheeler said. â??We check to make sure there is a rise in temperature from return air to the supply air, so you know your air is being properly heated.â??

Wheeler said they take down the model and serial number of your furnace unit and keep that on file, so whenever problems arise it helps them to more quickly order products and parts. He recommends having your furnace checked now if you want to make sure itâ??s in good condition for the fall.