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      Making physics fun for kids

      Kids had a chance to see that physics isn't just all about math.

      Third through sixth graders met at the Adair County Public Library Wednesday to experience the fun toys of energy.

      Physics and biology teacher Erin McAlvany from Kirksville High School was the guest speaker. She taught the kids about energy and how we use it. She used examples of elastic, sound, and solar energy. Also she wanted to show how we go from potential to kinetic energy.

      McAlvany wants these kids to learn about basic physics now while they are still young.

      "Our world everyday is related to energy. Everything they are going to be doing is energy related so if we build this interest now it's only going to help them in the future and us too," McAlvany said.

      Students even got hands-on with physics and energy while playing with items. Those toys included popper stoppers and kinetic yo-yos. The kids even got to blow balloons attached to race cars to see them move.