Making portion control easy

With the holiday season approaching, itâ??s one of the easiest times for people to put on weight without noticing.

According to the experts, we make roughly 200 food decisions daily, 90% of which we are unaware of.

However by changing your environment, it is possible to fend off that unwanted holiday weight gain.

Food packaging and the size is a big factor when it comes to portion control according to dieticians. By creating your own pre-packaged serving size of say, chips, youâ??re more likely to not overeat.

â??On the cheerios here, both bowls have exactly one cup of cheerios in them. However, just looking at them it looks like you're getting a lot all in this bowl. Same with the pasta. They both have the exact same amount just on a different size plate. You can really change your thinking about it by serving yourself this plate because you feel like you get more,â?? said Heather Ware, Hy-Vee Dietician.

Ware said itâ??s easy to play tricks on your mind by simply plating foods differently.