Making sure soldiers funerals have flags

A Heartland citizen is asking for your help. Thursday, hundreds of people said goodbye to PFC Jonathon Hostetter. Flags lined the route of the funeral procession in Milan. That was the work of Larry Eckhardt of Little York, Ill., who makes sure fallen soldiers are honored with a display of American flags.

Larry 'The Flag Man' Eckhardt travels to more than 10 states at no charge for patriotic displays. Shane Courtney of Milan said Larryâ??s story encouraged him.

â??He does this off donations,â?? Courtney said. â??He traveled 400 miles round trip to get here on his own time and on his own dime. He bought $25,000 worth of equipment to do this. He said he went to a service and there were only six flags and he decided that that wasn't enough, so he took it upon himself to do this for the fallen soldiers and families.â??

Courtney wants to encourage businesses and families in the community to help donate flags, or money, to Larry.

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