Making the transition from teen to adult

Transition Fair

Monday night the Kirksville Community Transition Team hosted its 3rd annual Transition Fair at Kirksville High School.

It is where parents, students and educators can come and receive information about services available for people who have disabilities.

â??We invite agencies who can provide services for people with disabilities during high school as well as after high school,â?? Kirksville High School Work Experience Coordinator Jaime Janes said. â??Often times they loose that high school link. As teachers, we help hook them up with agencies that can provide services and as adults itâ??s up to them and their families to do it. So, we want to help them meet people and see what they have to offer and see if they need to use those services.â??

USDA Rural Development was also there to talk about some of its housing options for people who have disabilities.

Two recent high school graduates, Max and Jared shared their experience of moving out on their own.

â??Itâ??s my first time and Iâ??m excited about it,â?? Jared said. â??Itâ??s been good and the best part is cooking,â?? Max said.

There were about 24 area agencies at the event.

Tinaâ??s Hairport and Paragon gave participants free hair cuts.

International Eye Care was there to give free vision screenings also.

Janes said for further information you can contact her at (660) 665-4631.