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      Man builds cabin using pallets

      A northeast Missouri man is building himself a cabin.

      While that may not be so unusual, his building materials are.

      Joe Doubet of Arbela is using old pallets to construct this cabin near his home.

      He said about 90-percent of the structure is made from pallets.

      He and his brothers started working on it last August.

      The outside is done, but there's still a lot of work to do inside.

      The two-story cabin has five-rooms and is almost 1,000 square feet.

      "There's a living/dining/kitchen area downstairs with one bedroom and a bathroom, and upstairs you have another small bedroom and a dormitory type room," said Doubet.

      The cabin's inside walls are made from whole pallets.

      Doubet said as it stands now, he has spent about $4,000 on materials for his project.

      He said his brothers and dad will use the cabin when they pay a visit from Illinois to do some fishing, and Doubet may also loan it out to those in need.

      "We can use it in case there's a family in the community that fell on hard times, their house burns down or something, said Doubet. They could have a temporary shelter until they could find a place to get into.

      Doubet said he plans to keep working on the interior of the cabin all summer.