Man has more ears than normal

Charles Cooper, 63, Greentop, Missouri.

It is the delicious, yellow tidbits people love to nibble on...the ear of corn. Each ear of corn is wrapped in a husk, which is a green, leafy layer that is peeled back before eating.

Charles Cooper and his wife feed the birds and squirrels corn. Cooper said one of the animals planted the kernels and now they have several stalks of corn with twice the normal number of ears.

One of his stalks in particular has 13!

â??Never seen nothing like this in my lifetime,â?? Cooper said. â??Iâ??m 63-years-old, Iâ??ve been around the farm all my life. Iâ??ve never seen anything like it.â??

Cooper said if anyone wants to come and take a look at the corn stalks, they can. He lives in Greentop, Missouri on Locust Street.