Man involved in shotgun incident released on bond

Robert McClanahan, 52, of Kirksville

The man involved in the three-hour standoff on Grim Drive in Kirksville Monday night has been released on bond.

Robert McClanahan, 52, of Kirksville, is charged with misdemeanor counts of unlawful use of an unloaded weapon by an intoxicated person and third-degree assault.

McClanahan's bond was reduced to a $500 cash bond. He has since posted bond and been released.

He is subject to normal bond conditions, plus he must have no contact with the two people at whom he is accused of pointing a shotgun.

McClanahan is also not allowed to possess any firearms.

Authorities said the incident began after police received a call that McClanahan was standing at the end of his driveway pointing a shot gun at two people who were sitting in a car parked on the other side of the street.

Kirksville police officers swarmed the area with help from KPD's Special Response Team, the Adair County Sheriff's Office and the Missouri State Highway Patrol.

Police made numerous attempts to get the suspect to come out of the residence.

McClanahan finally came out of the residence a little before 11 p.m. Monday; however, investigators said he failed to obey officer commands to put his hands above his head, and he continued to approach officers.

He was then tased for the safety of those involved.

When police searched McClanahanâ??s residence, they found several other firearms, which were all unloaded, as was the shotgun he allegedly used in the incident.

No ammunition was found anywhere in the residence; however, officers did find two large empty vodka bottles.

McClanahan's next court date is set for August 14. He is being represented by Public Defender Kevin Locke.

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