Many Ottumwans spend Labor Day weekend at the Beach

The Beach Ottumwa

Cars packed the parking lot at The Beach Ottumwa as people are trying catch those last rays of sun before summer comes to an end.

â??We've been pretty busy since it's our last weekend open,â?? employee Mariah Nichols said. â??Yesterday we had about 600 people.â??

Noah Imhoff and his little brother Ben are in town from Des Moines.

â??We just thought it would be a nice day to go out and swim and we were here yesterday so we decided to come out again," Noah Imhoff said.

They say they can't get enough of the speed slides.

"There's a lot of rush as you're going down, but other than that, it's just a thrill," Imhoff said.

Many others thought it was the perfect day to go to The Beach.

â??Well we thought that today would be a great day because we just got done doing yard work and all of that stuff,â?? Kameron Jones said.

"I've been here about 20 times this year to be honest," Hunter Weinhold said. "You meet new friends here. I get to bring my friends sometimes."

"I've been here three times, and I've had nothing but more than awesome experiences everytime," Jordan Hixon said.

While lots of people will be sad when the Beach closes after Labor Day, the fun isn't over just yet.

"The dog paddle is tomorrow from six to eight, and if you bring a donation for Heartland Humane then you can bring one dog per person so it should be fun," Nichols said.

[I'll be a little sad when summer is over], but we'll come back next year," Imhoff said.

"I think they should have it open longer," Hixon said.