Marceline mayor speaks on audit

Missouri State Auditor Susan Montee presented an audit on the City of Marceline in a meeting on Wednesday night. Among the issues noted in the audit were the city's 18 bank accounts. Although Montee believes that creates more room for error, Marceline Mayor Bill Stuart says every bank account serves its own purpose.

"Some are interest bearing accounts and some are not said Stuart. Why put it all into one big pool? From an accounting prospective, it's one thing that's always been done here and that's the way our city manager and city clerk think it's easy to track, and keep a close eye on so that's the method we'll continue to use.

The Prairie State Contract drew the most attention. According to the audit, it resulted in electric rates that were up to 158 percent greater than the average of 12 other cities surveyed.

"My biggest disappointment of the whole audit process was we were never allowed to know what their concerns were other than word of mouth and hearsay said Stuart. It'll not lower power rates, but maybe slowly increasing power rates over the next 30 to 40 years and someone finds fault with that| I'm sorry but I don't understand that."

You can view the complete audit on the City of Marceline by clicking here.