Marceline Railroad Story Museum opens to honor 100th anniversary of Santa Fe Rail Road

Another noteworthy event will take place in tandem with the Model Train Show on May 4th. The grand opening of the Marceline Railroad Story Museum will debut down the street from the train show next to the Walt Disney Hometown Museum. The grand opening is in celebration of the 100 year anniversary of the Santa Fe Railroad Company being in Marceline. While you might think the two museums donâ??t have much relation, it turns out the train station in Marceline had a big influence on Walt Disneyâ??s life.

â??Walt grew up around the lure and legacy of rail roads. He had a miniature live steam railroad in his back yard. It was one eighth scale live steam and then when Disney land became a reality, he mandated to his designers 'I want Disney land to be unlike anything in the world with a steam train running around it.' So I always thought of Disney Land as Walt's gift to the world and the ribbon around the gift was the steam railroad,â?? said Michael Broggie a Disney Historian

Michael Broggie will be speaking at the grand opening of the Marceline Railroad Story Museum Saturday with many more stories about Walt Disneyâ??s adventures with Santa Fe Railroad.