Marceline schools make the grade

How are the Marceline R-V schools doing?

Superintendent Gabe Edgar said the school district as a whole received a 14 out of 14 on its annual performance report.

But, changes have been made for students in the 6th through 12th grade.

Edgar said middle school and high school students' schedules were changed, and they have created a new plan to help middle school students on their test scores.

"We do have some testing challenges in the middle school, but we think we have some intervention strategies in place to take care of that,â?? Edgar said. â??I make it sound like a negative thing, but really it's not. We have very good students here and we have high standards and high expectations for our students and so, weâ??re just trying to get them to the next level."

The district has hired several new teachers, something it hasn't been able to do in years.

â??We do have several new teachersâ?¦we have eliminated 26 positions over the last 5 years and this year fortunately we do not have to out anything,â?? Edgar said. â??We feel like financially we're OK, we kind of weathered the storm a little bit."

Edgar said although there are some improvements, the district will tread cautiously as it moves forward.

The district has added a Marceline R-V learning center. Itâ??s a preschool located across from the high school. â??Weâ??re hoping to provide more curriculum based instruction for those kids and use it as a feeder program to our kindergarten,â?? Edgar said.

The high school is also proud to be adding something new to the building.

"We are putting the finishing touches on a new weight room facility and we're very proud of that facility,â?? he said.

And, many schools have a vegetable garden or a small plant area, but this school district has a full fledge greenhouse.

The greenhouse is four years old and students sell what they grow.

Edgar said his main hope for the school year is to provide a good learning environment for the students and give them every opportunity to learn and to be successful.