Marcus Bennett wants your vote; Wapello County Supervisor

The countdown toward the Nov. 2, General Election continues, as the election is now only five days away.

Marcus Bennett is one of four candidates competing for two spots on the Wapello County Board of Supervisors.

I have family here; I have a son, a very young son and I just see opportunities being lost and opportunities that we should be taking so my son and everyone else's children can have opportunities in the future, said Bennett. [I want them to have] those opportunities to stay here in Wapello County and build their futures here with their families. That's why I believe taking this position is very important. This gives me the opportunity to put my foot in and do my best to help out in the community.

Bennett said he will take a proactive approach to the position, which he said has not been done in the past.

There [are] some people that are upset that all they're hearing is that we need to make a change, and no reasons why. Once again, I want people to look at Wapello County the last 12 years, said Bennett. Are we moving backwards or are we moving forwards? [I want them] making their own informed decision. If they take a look and they see what's happened; what's here and what's not here now, what we've lost and what we've gained, they should be able to make an informed decision. I believe Wapello County has moved backwards in the last 12 years, not forwards.

Why does Bennett think Wapello County has regressed?

Take a drive down the street, he said. We've had many local businesses, along with larger businesses, move out of Wapello County and we haven't been able to replace them. A lot more houses are up for sale. People are lining up in the welfare lines a lot more. There is a panic-approach people have now because they're afraid they might not have their job tomorrow.

So, what steps will Bennett take to fix Wapello County?

Send info out, said Bennett. No one knows we exist unless we tell them. The more informed our businesses [and] manufacturers [are] about Wapello County; Ottumwa, Eddyville, Agency, Blakesburg, our local communities within the county, the better off we are. We need to show them what we have to offer| and we have a lot to offer these businesses.

Bennett said he wants to give people the comfort of knowing that he is doing everything he can to make sure people in Wapello County know their jobs will be there for them tomorrow.

Please, on Nov. 2, when you mark your ballot, take the time and think, he said. Please think. Think where we TMve been and where we need to go, what we TMve lost and what we TMve gained. Do the math on Nov. 2; please vote Marcus Bennett for Wapello County Supervisor.

A candidates forum will be hosted at Ottumwa TMs City Hall Thursday, Oct. 28, at seven p.m., in which citizens can meet the candidates for Wapello County Supervisor, State Senate and State Representative.

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