Market on Main finalizing architecture plans

The revitalization of downtown Ottumwa is full speed ahead and Market on Main is one part of the revitalization effort.

At the beginning of February, Heather Ware was named director of Market on Main. Her first month has been a busy one â?? finalizing architecture plans, organizing everyone and speaking to potential vendors.

Market on Mainâ??s indoor space will include the farmerâ??s market area, a small grocery store, educational kitchen and retail sales space. The indoor space is set to open in late 2013 or early 2014.

Prior to that, Ware said she hopes to have the outdoor space open this summer for outdoor events and live music.

â??It is going to be a space for everyone. It'll have everything from food to flowers, to homemade furniture -- anything and everything you can imagine made locally in one spot so youâ??re not traveling all over several counties trying to find your food. All of those pieces you can get it all in a one stop spot,â?? said Ware.

Ware said part of the goal of Market on Main is to eliminate the food desert in the downtown area.

To learn more about Market on Main, Ware will be giving a presentation on Saturday at the Bridge View Centerâ??s auditorium from 4:30 to 5:30 p.m.