Market on Main gaining momentum

Its goal is to bring the entire community together. Located in the heart of downtown Ottumwa, Market on Main is quickly gaining speed as the community leaders for the Marketplace met with consultants last week to discuss possible designs for the space.

The concept of Market on Main is a year-round indoor/outdoor marketplace with stalls and retail space.

Local agriculture will be the main focus; community leaders want local farmers that are producing to use the space to sell their products.

There will also be entertainment and educational components to Market on Main as well.

â??We want to learn how to cook with these ingredients and to bring everyone in -- kind of like an Emeril Live situation where you can actually work together as a group. And the way they've designed this thing is pretty amazing because you know, there's an open -- open windows in the front on Main Street so if that educational kitchen's right there and Rachael Ray happens to be in town, the overflow -- you're walking by it, you can see a lot of people in the community on Main Street working together to promote each other and education and certainly a warm environment where we can grow,â?? said Chef Gordon Rader, Marketplace Community Leader.

Chef Rader said the support from the community has been great and he hopes construction will begin in the early spring.

If you would like to become involved with or learn more about Market on Main you can e-mail Chef Rader at