Market On Main on track to open its outdoor green space this summer

The Market on Main Project in downtown Ottumwa is making a lot of headway and support for the indoor farmersâ?? market and educational space has gained a lot of support throughout the community.

Monday night the Market on Main Director will be presenting the construction drawings to the Ottumwa City Council. If the plans are approved, they will be able to open up for bids later this week.

The bidding process will take around 30 days. From there, construction can begin on the interior of the building.

â??While we're working on that, we're also working on that space behind me. This will be our outdoor garden and seating area -- doesn't look like much yet but it'll be a beautiful space. It's going to be not only an educational place where we'll have planters and things to teach people how to garden, but it'll also be a fun social space. We'll bring in entertainment groups and plan things to get more people downtown and active in this area,â?? said Heather Ware, Market on Main Director.

Market on Main recently received the â??Bright Ideas Grantâ?? from the Legacy Foundation for the outdoor green space to help revamp the area.

Ware said the outdoor area will be open later this summer and expects the interior of the building to be open for business in December.

Ware added that Market on Main is currently working on a USDA grant and wants to include letters from small business owners and entrepreneurs in downtown that show support for the Market on Main Project.

If you are interested in writing a letter of support, you can send them to Ware at