Market on Main to become a reality

Market on Main will be located at the corner of Jefferson and Main Street

It was once a dream that is now coming to fruition. And itâ??s called Market on Main.

Located in the heart of downtown Ottumwa, this massive space will encompass everything having to do with southeast Iowa.

Many are calling it a â??celebration of agricultureâ?? and a â??celebration of economic development.â??

â??This is not for any one particular group. It's for students where there's a demonstration kitchen. Itâ??s going to be the centerpiece -- where we can spotlight local products and teach people how to cook. And really I think the whole idea about maybe an â??Emeril Liveâ?? set up where we got some local music, where we've got some local art, we've got local crafts, we've got local foods and it's a party,â?? said Chef Gordon Rader, IHCC Culinary Arts Director.

Rader said that the space desired is in an older building but it has passed all of the requirements and is up to code. Now, itâ??s all about designing and creating the perfect environment that will showcase the amazing talents of locals.

Shareholders are actively meeting to discuss plans and are currently in talks with an architect.

Rader said if all goes according to plan, Market on Main will be open in two years.