Market Street Bridge will be closing when construction gets underway

Market Street Bridge Construction will begin on Monday.

Market Street Bridge will be closing Monday as construction is set to start.

Commuters will have to use an alternate route to get downtown as both ends of the Market Street Bridge will have to be closed for the remainder of the year.

â??This project is going to beautify the downtown that connects the city especially with the downtown area,â?? Joe Helfenberger, City Administrator said. â??You know it's gonna be a little inconvenient for people they're gonna have to take either the Jefferson Street Bridge or the Wapello Street Bridge the rest of the year, but you know when were done it's gonna add a lot to the downtown and will be here for a long long time.â??

The nearly $3 million deck replacement project is funded by state and city funds. The Legacy Foundation and Trails System are also helping to pay for the expanded sidewalks and the aesthetics. When completed, fire trucks, buses and other heavy vehicles will also be allowed to access the Market Street Bridge.