Matching funds to benefit Main Streets across the nation

Itâ??s helping main streets all over the country become more vibrant; the Iowa Economic Development Agency annually puts on a Main Street Matching Program.

This year they have more than $1 million that can be allocated between 49 main street organizations.

Each organization will be able to select one proposal that is rehabilitating a building in the downtown.

They will then be eligible for $15,000 to $75,000 in matching funds.

The past two years, projects have been chosen in Ottumwa for matching funds.

â??I mean we have a pretty good track record so far in no small part because there's greater need here than in places like Cedar Falls or Dubuque so we come with some competitive advantage. And it's exciting to know that these projects that have been funded in the past I think also will help us in the future because we've really delivered really some very good results,â?? said Bob Untiedt, Main Street Ottumwa Director.

Untiedt said already he has had people express interest in opportunity for projects that are happening downtown.