May weather shows insight for our summer weather outlook

Climatology is the study of Climate. Climate is the weather condition that prevails in a general area over a long period. The typical climate for Heartland summers is hot and humid most of the time.

Climatologists use the month of May as a crystal ball of sorts to predict the outcome of summer. So letâ??s break down this past May's data. In May, we saw 8.76 inches of rain, that's over five and a half inches above normal for the month.

â??Here we rounded up the month of May and again May was a wet May, we averaged about seven inches statewide. Historically it will rank as our seventeenth wettest May on record,â?? said Pat Guinan a climatologist.

While we are not expecting the rest of the summer to be as big of a wash out compared to May, the records from May do suggest that we could be in for a wetter than normal summer if you were to follow climatological history. Cooler temperatures may also come with those wetter conditions.

â??When you look at say the top twenty wettest Mays on record for Missouri, that following summer, thereâ??s a higher likelihood weâ??re going to have a cooler and wetter summer,â?? said Guinan.

So the conditions we saw last year will not repeat themselves and farmers will have a good chance at a respectable crop for 2013.