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      Mayor appointed, 2 council members sworn in

      Political newcomer Glen Moritz and incumbent Richard Detweiler were sworn in to the Kirksville Council this evening.

      Detweiler and Moritz won the election during last Tuesday's municipal race for the council seats. During Monday's meeting the council, once again appointed Detweiler as mayor of the city.

      He tells us he's honored and enjoys helping residents and the community of Kirksivlle. Detweiler says it's a great feeling to have Kirksville residents trust his abilities to make decisions based on the city's best interest.

      "It's an absolutely wonderful experience and i appreciate people's confidence and trust and it's a great thing," Mayor Detweiler. "I've always wanted to give back to the community and that's an important part of this job."

      Mayor Detweiler jokingly added that a big part of his job is listening. He says he has the talking part down, but the listening skills takes time to develop, and it's a daily process.

      He also say's he's extremely pleased that the water bond issue passed because it plays a major role in the city's economic progression.