Mayor Ed Malloy sets the bar high for 2014

The City of Fairfield

Mayor Ed Malloy just began his seventh term in office, and he has several goals he wants to accomplish for the city in 2014.

â??We're hoping that 2014 is the year that we break ground two very important recreation projects in our community, one being the new outdoor pool and the other being a gymnasium complex that would be connected to our recreation center with three gym floors and a walking/running track,â?? he said. â??We're very confident that project is going to complete itself in terms of funding this year, but we're hoping we're actually constructing for next year.â??

He also wants to find new resources for housing in terms of rentals and home ownerships; he wants to incentivize developments in the community, and he also wants to begin a new comprehensive plan for the city. The zoning department has been working on a facade restoration grant for the past year, and Mayor Malloy says that money would help beautify the downtown area.