Mayor Richard Detweiler wishing the best for Kirksville in 2014

2014 is looking to be a promising year for the City of Kirksville.

After a huge turnover in 2013, Mayor Richard Detweiler says the city has new people and department heads on staff ready to go to work.

Plans are also underway for the city council elections and to begin construction of the new $18 million sewer and water treatment plant this spring.

With the strong volunteer spirit this city has, Detweiler is hoping for more community involvement in 2014.

"That's how democracy works is when people get involved and express their opinions. That is how we prosper as a city and as a country when people take the time to get involved. We need your input to know what you need, what you want, what you think is right, what you think is wrong. That way we have guidance in order to help us decide what we're going to vote for," Detweiler said.

Detwelier is also hoping the new year will bring more continued success in the city's economic development and law enforcement.

You can see the mayor's full interview on his wishes for Kirksville for 2014 by clicking here.