Mayor vetoes city council's decision to rezone vet clinic

Ottumwa Vet Clinic debate continues

The heated debate on whether or not to rezone the Ottumwa Vet Clinic from a residential zone to a commercial zone is far from over.

In a 4-1 vote last week, the city council approved the ordinance request per the vet clinicâ??s owners to change the land on 2305 N. Court St. into a C-1 commercial zone. This would allow the vet clinic to expand on their property, but on Tuesday, Mayor Flanders said he is vetoing that ordinance because he feels it is unfair to the residents who expressed their concern at all three readings regarding the rezoning of the property.

â??I feel that this is an example of spot zoning,â?? Mayor Frank Flanders said. â??And having done some research on real-estate values, on single residential family homes, one of the biggest attractions of their value is the change from residential to commercial.â??

The mayor signed a formal letter issuing the veto Tuesday afternoon. He says the council members have 30 days to take action. The council must vote 4-1 to override that veto, otherwise the vet clinic will remain a residential area.