McClure says veterans deserve free hunting and fishing licenses

state house district 81 candidate Rick McClure speaking at the VFW in Ottumwa on Saturday

Saturday Rick McClure, who is running for state house district 81, held a â??Tribute for the Troopsâ?? at the VFW in Ottumwa.

McClure spoke to the handful of veterans that showed up explaining ways he would help veterans if elected. He said he has their best interests in mind.

â??Give our veterans free lifetime hunting and fishing licenses. They're going to go out and buy the gear which is stimulating the economy. They're going to take their friends, neighbors, family on out. They're going to get hooked on it so these guys are going to get hunting and fishing licenses. They'll all go out and buy gear. They'll do the same thing,â?? said McClure.

McClure said that this would help stimulate the economy and at the same time help mom and pop shops survive. He also added that making this available for veterans wouldnâ??t cost the state anything.

McClure is running again Blake Smith in the republican primary for house district 81 on June 5.