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      MDC brings deer management open house to Kirksville

      The Missouri Department of Conservation wants the popularity of deer to continue in northeast Missouri. They held an open house at Kirksville High School Monday afternoon.

      The department is going across the state to discuss deer management with citizens.

      Attendees visited booths focusing on the history of deer management and the state's new deer management plan. They can also get information on possible regulation changes and disease management efforts related to chronic wasting disease and other infectious diseases. Conservation experts say the goal of the meetings is to two-fold: to provide information and to get feedback.

      "We hope that hunters have a better understanding on how and why we do deer management. We also want feedback from them. What do they feel about the deer population and how do they think we should go about managing it and doing a better job to manage," said Jason Sumners of the Missouri Department of Conservation.

      Deer hunting is an important part of the state's outdoors heritage. It generates about $1 billion in economic activity for thousands of Missouri businesses and hundreds of communities around the state.

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