MDC teaches kids to use their 'super senses'

Kirksville kids were testing their 'super senses' with the Missouri Department of Conservation on Wednesday.

The kids were able to learn how their own five senses compare with animals in the wild. It was part of the annual Creature Feature.

The youngsters participated in different activities that allowed them to see if they could relate to raptors and owls when it came to seeing far distances.

They also tested their hearing to see if they were able to match sounds and hear as well as bats do. The kids were also able to test their taste, touch and smell senses. For all animals in the wild, their senses play a key role when it comes to their survival.

"We are going to be talking about how wild animals use their senses to survive and they are going to get a chance to test their own senses," said Amanda Moore, of the Missouri Department of Conservation.

The Missouri Department of Conservation encourages kids to come check out the different exhibits at the Regional Office in Kirksville, and learn about all kinds of different animals.