Medical center goes high tech

One Northeast Missouri medical facility is celebrating a new chapter and a new milestone. Complete Family Medicine in Kirksville held an open house ceremony and welcomed the community to their new building right off of Baltimore Street Thursday afternoon. At the ceremony, Doctors Wesley Ryle and Justin Puckett were also recognized for being the first health care providers in the state of Missouri to use the new Electronic Health Record System. This system will help doctors keep track of their patient's information.

"They'll have all their patients information in the electronic health records and the physician will be able to look up and make sure they are getting care in a much easier way." Said Neil Thowe, Deputy Regional Administrator for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

With this new technological advance it's going to help doctors give the best medical care.

"In any tool I can use whether it's a medicine or electronic health record that allows me to know more and to know it quicker to integrate everything together to help make better decisions for the patient. That's a better level of care." Said Doctor Justin Puckett D.O. and Medical Director at Complete Family Medicine.

Not only are the new electronic records are going to make it easier for the patients information to get to the doctors. It TMs also going to help the doctor and the patient have a better relationship.

"Having all that information together without having to re-tell the story over and over again is going to make sure that the patient-physician relationship is stronger and outcomes are going to be better." Puckett said.

The staff is excited about this new change and hopes the community will embrace it.

"I think the community should be very proud of Dr. Puckett and Dr. Ryle for being innovators and should really feel fortunate about physicians in their community that are willing to take on an initiative." Thowe said.