Medical Edge: Stay healthy while on vacation

The unofficial start of the busy travel season begins Memorial Day weekend, and a warning has been issued Friday from public health experts.

If you're not careful, this unexpected illness can tag along with you on your journey.

Millions are expected to travel for vacation this summer, and there's nothing worse than getting to paradise and then getting sick.

The most recent concern has been from a virus now rapidly spreading in Saudi Arabia called MERS, or Middle East Respiratory Syndrome.

There have already been thee cases in the U.S. that have now been directly or indirectly connected to people who have been in that area.

It's such a concern that the Centers for Disease Control is asking emergency medicine providers such as Dr. Steve Meyer to inquire of those who are coming into the emergency room with severe respiratory symptoms if they have been in contact with anyone from the Arabian peninsula.

In truth, however, public health expert, Dr. Larry Holditch says you are more likely to wind up with some other health concern going around.

He says measles and mumps are a greater concern. Experts often refer to this as the letdown effect, where your immune system stays strong until you go on vacation. And while MERS is one thing to worry about, a few others may be cause for concern as well.

There are some common sense steps, seven of them recommended by Consumer Reports on Health that you might want to do to stay well on vacation. Dr. Steve Englender, a public health expert, says these steps include washing your hands and watching what you eat and where you eat while on vacation.

It is also suggested that you take breaks while driving to avoid back pain and blood clots which can set in from lack of movement.

You should also use sunscreen, bring antihistamines, and get the suggested vaccines international travel and drink plenty of water.

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