Medical Edge: Ultimate air angel network

A man from Loveland got some high flying help getting cancer treatment.

They may not have halos but as a crew from Ultimate Air Shuttle boarded a full flight headed to New York City Kerry Welker said he saw something else in those wings.

Welker said, "They've been a God-sent." Welker is a cancer survivor, "It started with my liver. I had two baseballs basically in my liver." That was almost six years ago.

He said since he was given that diagnosis and told he had about six months to live the cancer has returned in other sites in the body. So he needed additional treatment.

He also needed additional help getting that treatment. Help that appeared to, quite literally, come from above.

Noel Ripley said Ultimate Air has made it part of their mission to fly patients at no charge to treatment destinations needed. While there is a cost Ripley said, "The first year we spent something like $18,000 in transportation and hotels." Ripley continued to say there was also an incredible value.

"It's priceless," said Ripley. "You can't really put anything on that. And to be able to save them the money of their travel expense and really let them worry about the task at hand which is curing their disease and fighting cancer, it's priceless."

It was also what allowed Kerry Welker to continue living each day above and beyond what he ever thought possible. "That's an important piece is to keep on living. Period," Welker said.

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