Meet This Week's Ag Kid: Brett Roquet

Meet 18-year-old Brett Roquet of Fremont. He was born and raised into farm life by helping out his dad on the family farm. They bought and raised hogs. When he was in the 4th grade, he began to show them, and it has become something he just loves to do.

â??They really do have their own personalities, more than what most people would think, but they do. They become your friends. I have a great time with them.â??

Brett is a member of the Eddyville-Blakesburg Agri Power FFA. He has shown his pigs at the Mahaska County and the Iowa State Fairs has won many reserve and champion titles with them. But behind all that recognition, Brett said it is a lot of responsibility, time, and hard work.

â??You really canâ??t have a day off with them. You have to work with them constantly and make sure their pens stay clean. Make sure they are fed and have water every day. Itâ??s good responsibility and gives you something to do. I really enjoy it.â??

Brett has also shared some funny moments with his hogs.

â??Two years ago at the county fair, my pig for Showmanship decided to get itself out of its pen and gets into the show ring. It didnâ??t want to get out.â??

Brett wants to continue working with his pigs and in the agriculture field for the rest of his life.

â??You canâ??t take a day off from it. Itâ??s something that is done on an everyday basis. It builds character and responsibility. Itâ??s helped me grow to where I am today.â??

Brett also likes welding; he made a trailer for his pigs out of aluminum. He also plays basketball and is planning to go to Iowa State in the fall. He hopes he can be an inspiration to his younger brother and have him continue the family business.

Congratulations Brett on being this week's Ag Kid.