Meet this week's Ag Kid: Christina Pennington

Meet 15-year-old Christina Pennington of Atlanta. Agriculture has played a major role in her life due to her familyâ??s strong background in cattle. She is a 7th generation farmer and has been raising cattle since she was only 5 years old.

"Iâ??ve always been around them so I know a lot about them and how to raise them. You do get attached to them, but it's said because they won't be around forever. They are my friends," Pennington said.

Christina is a member of the Atlanta FFA and the President of the Atlanta Home Pioneers 4-H Group. She has shown her cows at the Macon County and NEMO Fairs and has won awards such as Champion. Christina says there is a lot of responsibility and hard work to take care of her cattle.

"Well every morning I get up and I feed them and then I break them to lead. I just have to be around them," Pennington said.

Christina has also had the chance to experience some cute moments with her cows.

"When I was a little kid, I was tired and it was cold outside. I laid down between two calves and fell asleep," Pennington said.

Christina is planning to continue working in agriculture and doesnâ??t know where she would be without it.

"It was something I was raised to do. I know everything about. It doesn't make sense not to dot it,â?? Pennington said.

When she is not out on the farm with her cattle, Christina is a livestock judge and goes to competitions across the state.

She is planning to attend the University of Missouri for college to study Ag Business.

Congratulations Christina on being this week's Ag Kid.