Meet This Week's Ag Kid: CJ Bunch

Meet 17 year old CJ Bunch of Kirksville. She has been around horses for most of her life and helping out on her grandparents TM farm, but wanted to do something different. Then when she got involved in 4-H at age 11, she found her interest of raising and showing sheep.

One of my parents TM friends said that I should try showing sheep and that it wasn TMt too hard to do. I did it my first year and I thought I would hate it. But once I started to show. I absolutely loved it.

CJ has showed her sheep at The NEMO Fair and has won awards such as Showmanship, 1st Place, and has competed in The Championship Drive. But it takes a lot of patience and hard work to prepare them for it.

You need to halter break them first and get them use to it. Then you have to break them to walk with you so they don TMt drag you around the show arena. Then you have to break them to lead them with your hand and to set them properly.

CJ has had some interesting show moments with her sheep.

It was my third year showing, I was about 13 at the time. I had a big breeding lamb. I was in the middle of the show arena during Showmanship. She reared up and her legs went over my shoulders and shoved me into the wall behind me. Everyone was freaking out and running towards me. I don TMt know how I did it; she was a lot heavier than me. I grabbed her neck and shoved her down and hasn TMt done it again since.

CJ wants to continue working in the agriculture field and working with sheep.

I want to continue showing after high school. I want to continue working with FFA and have more opportunities in agriculture.

CJ is very involved in 4-H, FFA, and Cheerleading at Kirksville High School where she is a senior. She hopes to go to Mizzou next fall and become a teacher in the future.

Congratulations CJ on being this week TMs Ag Kid.