Meet this week's Ag Kid: Dakotta Snyder

16-year-old Dakotta Snyder is into bone taxidermy. He is this week's Ag Kid.

Meet 16-year-old Dakotta Snyder of Green Castle. Agriculture has taken him on many different paths. As a kid, he grew up raising and showing cattle. But when he was 10 years old, his dad introduced him to the world of taxidermy, and heâ??s never turned back since.

"I feel like I can succeed in that field. That's what I've done and what I like the most. I come in here and get to mess around with stuff," Snyder said.

Dakotta is a member of the Novinger FFA. Together he and his dad own the successful family owned Snyderâ??s Bone Taxidermy and Imaging business. For the past 6 years, Dakotta has received much recognition for his taxidermy work on the local and state levels including winning the Missouri State FFA Proficiency Award this year. But behind all that, is a lot of time and effort from Dakotta to put into his projects.

"We get the head, then we skin it and get the meat off. Then we boil it and try to get the meat off. Then we stick it in the peroxide for 24 hours. It looks pretty good after that," Snyder said.

Dakotta has also shared some fun moments with his dad in the family business.

"We had a buck come in last year, and it was rotten and gross. I was power washing it, and a part of it smacked me in the face," Snyder said.

Dakotta says he loves agriculture, and he just fits into the field.

"Itâ??s taught me a lot. It's taught me a lot of respect. You have to respect the customers as yourself," Snyder said.

When not helping out his dad with their taxidermy business, Dakotta likes to spend time in the outdoors and hunt.

He is planning to further his taxidermy studies in college after he graduates from high school.

Congratulations Dakotta on being this week's Ag Kid.