Meet this week's Ag Kid: Dylan Durham

Dylan Durham of Kirksville, Mo.

Meet 16-year-old Dylan Durham of Kirksville. Agriculture has played a major role in his life due to his familyâ??s strong background in cattle and horses. His grandfather raises and sells cattle and passed the interest down to him and has stuck with him since.

â??I remember being 7 years old riding along with grandpa seeing the cattle up and going every morning in the barn. They are easy and fun,â?? Durham said.

Dylan a member of the Kirksville FFA and the Show Me 4-H group. For the past five years he has competed and showed his cows at the NEMO and Missouri State Fairs and has won awards such as First Place, Grand Champion, and Reserve Champion.

But behind all the recognition, Dylan said there is a lot of responsibility, and hard work to take care of his cattle.

â??Every morning you have to get up before the sun rises to put them into the barn before the heat of the day because if you leave them out in the heat, they will lose their hair. When it gets dark and it is real cool, you let them out and make sure they have hay, water, and feed,â?? Durham said.

Dylan has also had the share to experience some funny moments with his cows.

â??I was at Junior Cattleman; we were watering and rubbing her neck, head, back. We laid her down and everything. She just lay like nothing was happening. She was calm. I was like sheâ??s a crazy cow,â?? Durham said.

Dylan is planning to continue working in agriculture and the family cattle farm business.

â??Itâ??s been a part of our family all through my life,â?? Durham said.

When he is not out on the farm taking care of his cattle, Dylan plays sports such as baseball and football.

He is planning to attend to the Moberly Area Community College then to the University of Missouri to study Ag Business.

Congratulations Dylan on being this week's Ag Kid.