Meet this week's Ag Kid: Hannah Whitlock

11-year-old Hannah Whitlock loves to spend her time on the family farm. She is this week's Ag Kid.

Meet 11-year-old Hannah Whitlock of Lancaster. Her background in agriculture dates all the way back to her familyâ??s long history of farm life. She is a 7th generation farmer in Schuyler County. She loves raising all of her lambs, goats, cows, horses and donkeys and says they are the best friends anyone could ask for.

â??If you look at them, their eyes and faces make them look cute. When you work with them every day, they get attached to you and you get attached to them,â?? Whitlock said.

Hannah is an active member of the Queen City 4-H Group. She has shown her lambs and goats at the Queen City Pioneer Days, NEMO, Sullivan and Scotland County Fairs and has won awards such as Showmanship, Reserve Champion, and Champion. Behind all that is a lot of hard work and responsibility for Hannah.

â??I have feed them, wash them and we walk them. Itâ??s hard to get them to behave when showing them when they are stubborn, but most of the time they are really good,â?? Whitlock said.

Hannah has also had the chance to share some funny moments with her animals on various occasions.

â??I was practicing on setting up my sheep and one of them got away and dragged me through the driveway. Everyone was yelling at me to let go. I did because it hurt so badly,â?? Whitlock said.

Hannah says agriculture has given her wonderful and amazing experiences and wants to spread the importance of the field.

â??It feeds us; it gives us money, plants, and animals. Itâ??s really fun,â?? Whitlock said.

When she is not on the farm, Hannah spends her free time playing softball, basketball and cake decorating. She is planning to join the Schuyler County FFA in high school and hopes to attend college to become a veterinarian.

Congratulations Hannah on being this week's Ag Kid.