Meet this week's Ag Kid: Isaac Hougland

Isaac Hougland of Bloomfield takes care of about 50 cattle on his family's farm.

For Isaac Hougland, being involved in agriculture is all in the family. The Hougland farm in Davis County sits on 1,000 acres and Isaac is responsible for about 50 cattle.

"Probably my favorite part about working on the farm would be just getting to be out with nature and just working with all the cattle and animals and stuff," Isaac said. "Whenever the calves get old enough, you have to wean them and you have to take care of those and then you have to vaccinate them. And then just making sure they're all healthy, that's probably the most difficult part."

It may be hard work, but Isaac says he's had some experiences out on the farm that will stick with him.

"My first year working with cattle, we had a lot of bigger calves so it took - I had to hand-pull a lot of them, so it was outside and one by one a lot, so lot of no sleep nights."

Isaac will be a senior at Davis County High School in the fall and plans to attend Iowa State for ag engineering. He hopes to stay in Iowa working with animals after school. His advice for younger students - work hard and stick with it, because it will pay off in the end.

"It'll pay off whenever you're trying to go to college because you can sell them eventually and then it helps pay for it," he said. "So it's pretty nice when all that hard work pays off for you."

Isaac is involved with FFA at Davis County and just got his Iowa Degree last year. When not helping out on the farm or working with his cattle, he always plays football and basketball and runs track.