Meet This Week's Ag Kid: Jackie Rowe

Meet 18-year-old Jackie Rowe of New Cambria. Her family has own their own farm for the past 20 years. Her older brothers gave her the inspiration to go into agriculture and has helped shaped her into the person she is today.

â??Having two older brothers that were always in 4-H and animals have always been around, Iâ??ve enjoyed being in it for myself. Itâ??s made me learn new experiences and responsibilities. Itâ??s made me grow as a person and be the best can be from every angle.â??

Jackie is the president of both her FFA and 4-H clubs. Her main focus and projects are goats. She has shown her goats at the Macon County Fair and has won awards such as Champion and Grand Champion. Its hard work she says but she considers her goats a part of her family.

â??Theyâ??re always there for you. They are great listeners. If you need to talk, you can always go talk to them and theyâ??ll listen. They are just a great animal to have theyâ??re easy. They are just loving animals.â??

Jackie has learned the most challenging part is learning to manage time.

â??Being in sports and after school clubs and activities, Iâ??ve had to learn time management. Being able to get all my chores done, they have to be fed and given water. Making sure as well they have the proper necessities to continue to live and be happy here.â??

Over the years, Jackie has also had the chance to share some funny moments with her goats.

â??One day, one of the goats got on the roof of our barn, on the very peak of it. She was eying my dadâ??s semi-trailer that was parked a few feet away. It looked like she was going to jump onto it. It was a laughing moment for me.â??

Congratulations Jackie on being this weekâ??s Ag Kid. Reporting from New Cambria, Vanessa Alonso KTVO News.

Jackie also is involved with school athletics (such as basketball and softball) and after school activities (National Honors Society). She wants to go to Northwest for college and study Ag education and become a teacher.