Meet this week's Ag Kid: Jake Pantry

Meet 18-year-old Jake Pantry of Lancaster. Agriculture has always been around him thanks to his familyâ??s strong background in the field. With the Queen City 4-H Group he showed horses and cows. But when he got involved with the Schuyler County FFA, he wanted to do something different and decided to start raising goats. He says goats are so much fun.

â??They are different from any other animal I have owned. I mean like climb on everything. The babies jump on their momâ??s backs. The goats really enjoy life more is what I think of them,â?? Pantry said.

In the past 2 years, Jake has shown his goats at the Queen City Pioneer Days Livestock Shows and has won 1st Place in his classes. Behind all that is a lot of hard work and responsibility for Jake, but at the end of the day he says itâ??s all worth it.

â??When itâ??s cold, they stay in longer and have heat lamps on them. We feed every pen and put water and make sure the water is not frozen. We also do chores and check on the bigger pens and take care of them too,â?? Pantry said.

Jake and his goats have had the chance to share some funny moments on various occasions.

â??I bought a Billie and brought him home. I was trying to get him off the trailer by pulling him out and he didnâ??t want to. Then he decided to come out and booted me right over the edge,â?? Pantry said.

Jake says agriculture is very special to him and has helped shape him into the person he is today.

â??Iâ??ve enjoyed it ever since I can remember. Itâ??s been a big part of my life. I like living in an agricultural community. I like the people and everything that comes with it,â?? Pantry said.

When not hanging out with his goats, Jake spends his free time trap shooting and playing sports such as track, basketball, and football. He hopes to attend the University of Missouri this upcoming fall to study Ag business and animal science.

Congratulations Jake on being this week's Ag Kid.