Meet this week's Ag Kid: Joey Hepler

Meet 17-year-old Joey Hepler of Green City. Agriculture has played a major role in his life since he was a kid growing up on his family farm. With both his mom and dad having strong backgrounds in agriculture, it was Joeyâ??s dad and grandfather that took him under their wings.

â??Iâ??ve learned a lot from being around my dad and my grandpa Jack. Everything I know and know how to do has come from both of them,â?? Hepler said.

Joey is an all out farm boy working on his dad and neighborâ??s farms raising and taking care of cattle. Joey says cattle are easier and friendlier to work with. But it requires Joey to put in a lot of time and responsibility.

â??You always got to make sure they have water. Itâ??s very crucial because if they have no access to water, they can over heat and become a big problem,â?? Hepler said. â??You also have to make sure that they have grass, feed, hay, grain, and minerals to eat.â??

Joey has also had the chance to witness some funny moments while working with cattle.

â??We were working in the barn getting cattle in. There was a calf running around. My dad got behind it and it kicked him. I was laughing,â?? Hepler said.

Joey says agriculture has helped him grow and mature as a person in so many ways and wants to spread the importance of the field for future generations.

â??By 2050, thereâ??s going to be an estimated 9 billion people on earth,â?? Hepler said. â??Itâ??s crucial for my generation and younger people to feed that many people so we have to step up and take on the task.â??

When not helping out with cows on the farm, Joey likes to spend his free time playing basketball and enjoy going out on the boat. He is preparing now to be the President for the areaâ??s FFA chapter this upcoming school year. He plans to go to the University of Missouri for college to continue his agricultural studies.

Congratulations Joey on being this week's Ag Kid.