Meet This Week's Ag Kid: Kristine Bunch

16-year-old Kristine Bunch has been around sheep and also found her interest of raising and showing goats. She is this week's Ag Kid.

Meet 16-year-old Kristine Bunch of Kirksville. She has been around sheep and horses for most of her life helping out on her familyâ??s farm, but still she wanted to do something different. When she got involved with the Salt Rivers 4-H Group, she found her interest of raising and showing goats. To this day, she continues her passion with the Kirksville FFA.

"I've learned so much. They can be very stubborn animals, but they are just a joy to work with. They're a lot like me. They're easier to pick up and cuddle with. I love these animals and taking care and nursing them," Bunch said.

For the past 6 years, Kristine has showed her sheep and goats at the NEMO Fair and has won awards such as Reserve Champion, 1st Place and Rate of Gain. But behind all that recognition is a lot of patience and hard work from Kristine to prepare them for it.

"You got to feed and water them. Make sure they have plenty of hay, wash them, then clean and trim them for the show," Bunch said.

Kristine has also had the chance to share some funny and memorable moments with her goats.

"It was my first year showing my sister's baby lamb and jumped up all the way up passed my head and I had to yank her down. I was this little itty bitty girl about 9 years old and I was pulling this big sheep down," Bunch said.

Kristine says agriculture has done a lot for her and wants to continue working in the field.

"It's changed a lot of things in my life. It's made me aware of a lot more things like where my food and clothes come from. There 's not a thing you can name that doesn't come from ag," Bunch said.

When not with her horses, sheep and goats, Kristine is very involved in the dance and cheerleading teams and plays soccer. She hopes to go to the University of Missouri after graduation and become an ag teacher.

Congratulations Kristine on being this weekâ??s Ag Kid.