Meet this week's Ag Kid: Logan Summers

Meet 17-year-old Logan Summers of Greentop. Agriculture has played a major role in his life since the day he was born. He remembers growing up on his family farm helping out with his dad growing and harvesting crops. He also grew up with cattle and has been showing them since he was only 6 years old. He considers them friends.

â??You get to know the animal on a personal level. I can tell what mood that animal is in any day at any time. Knowing the fact I can go out and mess with them. They donâ??t bother me. They just stand there,â?? Summers said.

Logan is a member of the Kirksville FFA. He has competed and showed his cattle at the NEMO Fair and has won awards such as First Place in his classes and Sportsmanship. But behind all that Logan said there is a lot of responsibility and hard work.

â??I wash them three or four times a day. I walk them around the late at night to keep them nice and cool,â?? Summers said.

Logan has also had the chance to share to some funny moments with his cows over the years.

â??After a show, my bucket calf laid down. I was 8 years old, and I was tired. I laid back and used my calf as a pillow and slept for two hours just like that. It didnâ??t move. It just laid there perfectly still. It had its head on my lap. My mom has pictures of that moment,â?? Summers said.

Logan is a fourth generation farmer and wants to continue working in agriculture.

â??I love doing it. I love being outside working with animals. Working with plants and watching them grow. Watch the rain come up over the horizon. Love seeing the crops perk up and have a smile,â?? Summers said.

When he is not out on the farm taking care of his cows, Logan likes to hunt and fish and is on the football and wrestling teams at school.

He is planning to attend Northwest Missouri State University to study Ag business and history.

Congratulations to Logan on being this week's Ag Kid.