Meet this week's Ag Kid: Marty Halley

Meet 15-year-old Marty Halley of Atlanta. Agriculture has played a major role in his life due to his family's strong background in cattle. His grandfather and dad passed the interest down to him and has stuck with him since. He just loves his cows.

"Just watching them grow and get older. Keeping them in the family and the herd. Getting to know the cows and learning about their personalities. They are all different, just like people," Halley said.

Marty is a member of the Atlanta FFA for the past two years. He is with his cows from the time they are born and is with them as much as he can. Marty says there is a lot of responsibility and hard work to take care of his cattle.

"Just feeding them and making sure they have plenty of food to help them gain weight," Halley said.

Marty has also had the chance to experience some funny moments with his cows.

"My dad and I were out checking cows, there was one with her calf and tried to chase me down. I was trying to get away. I tripped and fell. I was embarrassed," Halley said.

Marty is planning to continue working in agriculture and hopes to have a cattle farm of his own someday.

"It teaches you responsibility. You have to take care of them. You just don't let them lose. You need to take care of them," Halley said.

When he is not out on the farm taking care of his cattle, Marty plays baseball and likes to go hunting.

He is planning to attend northwest Missouri state university to continue studying agriculture.

Congratulations Marty on being this week's Ag Kid.